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Four-Faith Expands Globally with the International Launch of New Compact Size 5G Industrial Routers

Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd., a global leader in intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) products and solutions, has announced the global launch of its self-developed compact size 5G industrial routers at the same time.

As the company seeks to accelerate the evolution of the global IoT communications sector, the latest 5G routers will further enhance Four- Faith's worldwide product offering and deliver leading IoT solutions to more markets across the globe.

Four-Faith has a diverse product portfolio that includes cellular modems and industrial computers and LoRa modules, NB-IoT terminals, and other advanced IoT communication technologies. These technologies can be used for various purposes, including IoT communication, industrial IoT, smart power, smart fire protection systems, smart environmental protection, and more.

As a product-driven company, Four-Faith conducts independent R&D on its entire product line and has over 1,000 utility models, patents, and system certifications to its name. Aside from development, the company has its own factory and an industry-leading supply chain system, enabling it to deliver products to customers quickly.

In 2020, the company successfully served both foreign government and industry clients with its wireless smart meter systems. In addition, it successfully deployed a new smart water meter monitoring service in India based on the LoRaWAN standard. Simultaneously, the company secured contracts in infrastructure, smart manufacturing, and smart cities. Four-Faith intends to expand its footprint in 2021 and beyond by providing a range of comprehensive IoT solutions to clients worldwide.

About Four-Faith

Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is the world's leading provider of Internet of Things communication equipment and solution services. With technological innovation at its core, Four-Faith provides a variety of 5G, AI, and wireless communications products and solutions to over 150 countries and regions globally for Government departments, enterprises, institutions, industrial users, systems integrations, and operators.



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