Extreme Networks and Wireless Broadband Alliance Deliver OpenRoaming Connectivity

Extreme Networks, Inc. | September 29, 2021

Extreme Networks Inc. a cloud-driven networking company, today announced it has successfully implemented support of Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) OpenRoaming™ at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV) in Portugal. OpenRoaming enables students, teachers, and other users on IPV's campus to connect to a high-speed, secure, carrier-grade Wi-Fi 6 network wherever they are, indoors and outdoors, without experiencing disruption to their wireless network connection. IPV is the first organization in Portugal to participate in WBA OpenRoaming. 

In addition to OpenRoaming, Extreme has led the market in Wi-Fi carrier offload for 4G and 5G networks. In February of 2020, the company partnered with Verizon to create "smart stadium" technology at Super Bowl LIV in Miami. Verizon's wireless network was linked to ExtremeWireless™ Wi-Fi access points and ExtremeAnalytics™ software, providing seamless connectivity and authentication for fans in and around the stadium. Extreme currently offers RADSec and carrier offload with all major wireless carriers in the U.S. 

WBA OpenRoaming delivers seamless handoff from any number of cellular networks to Wi-Fi, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for users much like how smartphones connect instantly to various telecommunications networks. Extreme worked with Aptilo Networks to bring OpenRoaming to IPV's campus alongside a Wi-Fi 6 network deployment. Now, students, staff, and visitors can connect to the IPV campus network without requiring manual authentication. This results in better experiences for users and a reduced workload for IPV's IT team, who previously had to manually authorize every network user from outside of Viseu to access on-campus Wi-Fi. 

Key Benefits:
Simplified connectivity for users and reduced demands on IT:
Previously, European regulations forced IPV's IT team to add and remove network users manually, including staff members and students, making it complicated to access Wi-Fi on campus. With OpenRoaming, students and staff on IPV's campuses can easily connect to the wireless network without losing account settings or history, and the IT team can focus on furthering the use of technology across the IPV campus.

Improved student outcomes and opportunities: OpenRoaming simplifies IPV's ability to expand programming and bring new events to campus, without requiring the IT team to set up secure network access each time. They can provision different levels of service for different users and events depending on specific needs. IPV's student base can now access resources through the same user account across all their devices on IPV's campus without paying for a broadband connection or setting up a new account. 

Increased wireless network security: IPV and similar organizations can benefit from the freedom of OpenRoaming without opening themselves to potential security risks or failing to comply with local regulations. OpenRoaming leverages existing security protocols such as Passpoint, RADSec, and standards 802.1x and 802.11i to ensure network security without compromising user privacy. It pairs Wi-Fi network providers with identity providers, such as mobile operators and ISPs, who register authenticated users and enable them to connect to any participating wireless network automatically.

Executive Perspectives:

OpenRoaming is key in delivering seamless, secure access to Wi-Fi, which is a necessity for modern higher education institutions like IPV that seek to provide students with the best possible resources for learning. WBA members like Extreme are helping deliver reliable, high-speed connectivity around the globe and we are proud to support them as our world becomes more reliant on wireless networks.

Tiago Rodrigues, CEO, Wireless Broadband Alliance

Luís Almeida, Senior Network Administrator, Instituto Politécnico de Viseu
"IPV is incredibly excited to be part of WBA OpenRoaming. This implementation will improve user experiences for everyone who accesses Wi-Fi on our campus – students, teachers, employees, visitors, and participants in the various national and international conferences we host – not to mention reduced stress for our IT team in managing the network. Our experience with Extreme throughout this project has been wonderful, and we hope to be an example of what OpenRoaming can achieve for other institutions and communities across Europe as the project continues to grow." 

Nabil Bukhari, Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Extreme Networks
"Open roaming between 5G and Wi-Fi networks is critical in enabling next-generation consumer experiences and the Infinite Enterprise. Seamless and secure connectivity inside and outside of buildings makes things like smart cities and working and learning from anywhere a possibility. Extreme is proud to be part of the WBA's consortium of industry leaders that are striving to make connectivity more seamless and accessible, and we're confident it will have a positive impact for everyone on IPV's campus."

About the Wireless Broadband Alliance
Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) is the global organization that connects people with the latest Wi-Fi initiatives. Founded in 2003, the vision of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) is to drive seamless, interoperable service experiences via Wi-Fi within the global wireless ecosystem. WBA's mission is to enable collaboration between service providers, technology companies, cities, regulators and organizations to achieve that vision. WBA's membership is comprised of major operators, identity providers and leading technology companies across the Wi-Fi ecosystem with the shared vision.


Welcome to the Idea Economy, where it has never been easier to turn an idea into a new product or service. The technologies that enable disruption cloud computing, mobile technology, Big Data analytics are so accessible and affordable that they have produced an entirely new competitive landscape. While there have always been ideas, what’s different is that in our hyper-connected world, good ideas are not enough. Success today is defined by the ability to turn those ideas into reality faster than the competition.


Welcome to the Idea Economy, where it has never been easier to turn an idea into a new product or service. The technologies that enable disruption cloud computing, mobile technology, Big Data analytics are so accessible and affordable that they have produced an entirely new competitive landscape. While there have always been ideas, what’s different is that in our hyper-connected world, good ideas are not enough. Success today is defined by the ability to turn those ideas into reality faster than the competition.

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DartPoints | June 24, 2022

Today, DartPoints, a cutting-edge digital infrastructure provider, announced an expansion and significant electrical enhancements at its data center in Greenville, South Carolina. In addition to modernizing electrical equipment, such as switchgear, generators, and electrical distribution, the team is building a power room and electrical service entrance space that can hold 17,000 extra square feet. The improvements will help the local business community of Greenville by bringing much-needed local digital infrastructure, enhancing security and safety at the site, and enabling speedy future expansion. This project demonstrates DartPoint's ongoing commitment to South Carolina and the Upstate. Since 2007, DartPoints has aided Greenville's expanding technological community by giving top-notch support to regional companies, enhancing network performance and connectivity, and establishing itself as a pillar of the neighborhood. "This investment reinforces our dedication to continuing to serve as the colocation, cloud, security, and data backup leader in Greenville and the Upstate region. This expansion not only strengthens the state's internet connectivity ecosystem, but it also boosts the local economy as a whole. South Carolinians have been faced with a concerning digital divide and lack of high-performing internet infrastructure, and we're proud to fill those gaps for local residents that we've loved serving for the past 15 years," said Scott Willis, DartPoints CEO. Enterprise-class building with quick access to I-85 and I-385 is home to DartPoints' Greenville data center, which is situated at 78 Global Drive in the city's Global Business Park. Due to its low risk of natural catastrophes, thriving IT sector, availability of dependable and affordable utilities, and skilled IT workforce, Greenville makes an excellent choice for a data center and disaster recovery location. "We've worked hard to create a business-friendly environment in our state because it means companies come here, invest in our communities, and ultimately improve the quality of life for our people, and that's exactly what DartPoints has done in their 15 years in South Carolina. We're grateful for DartPoints' commitment to investing in South Carolinians and doing its important, innovative work in Greenville." South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster The first public internet exchange in the state, Bridge IXTM from DartPoints, began operational in Columbia, South Carolina, in April. Internet traffic from South Carolina has typically been sent to the nearest large network markets, such as Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina. The goal of DartPoints South Carolina is to retain local traffic within the state to enhance network performance and resilience and save connectivity costs.

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On the sustainability of the 5G AutoAir Network, Dense Air and Millbrook Partner

prnewswire | January 12, 2021

Thick Air, the unbiased host administrator of the associated 5G testbed at Millbrook initially made by the DCMS 5G testbed and preliminaries project AutoAir, has declared a significant redesign of the hyper thick, elite 4G and 5G organization. The organization will be one of the first, and the biggest independent 5G nonpartisan host organization's in Europe. Associated and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) engineers will approach the most recent innovation, including low inertness availability, network cutting and the chance to test vehicles in further developed organizations which are accessible in key fare markets. These improved organization advances will be sent at Millbrook's 700 section of land autonomous test office in Bedfordshire in mid 2021. Notwithstanding its broad test tracks and labs, Millbrook is home to the UK Government Controlled Urban Testbed for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles – part of CAM Testbed UK. The AutoAir network is being relocated to business grade Open RAN, disaggregated RAN and cloud local 5GC based 3GPP 5G SA (independent) innovations, utilizing Airspan Networks' item suite. This arrangement bolsters the UK Government's inventory network variety activity and is consistent with arising O-RAN principles which try to democratize the stockpile of Radio Access Units inside an open source stage. The organization will work on range at 4G Band 40 (2.3 GHz), 4G Band 3 (1.8 GHz) and 5G Band n77 (3.8 and 4.2 GHz) under spearheading shared admittance licenses. This will permit private organizations to work with their own distribution of radio range for test and advancement, while additionally supporting community from versatile organization administrators. The n77 band is equivalent to is as of now in business activity in Japan and which is at present being sold in the USA by the Federal Communications Commission. This implies that clients will have the option to test CAVs in the UK, utilizing the most recent organization frequencies, prior to sending out vehicles to Japan and the USA. With independent 5G, the full abilities of the most recent 3GPP delivery can be acknowledged in a protected private working climate with inescapable inclusion across Millbrook Proving Ground. This brings Ultra Reliable Low inertness Communications (URLLC), Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC), and organization cutting abilities into a certifiable test field without precedent for the UK. Each increases the value of the innovation scene. With URLLC, inactivity as low as 3ms can be capable and mMTC brings the capability of interfacing hugely a larger number of gadgets per km2 than beforehand conceivable. Organization cutting fundamentally gives a devoted segment of the organization to each arrange administration, encouraging separate localisation, edge-figuring and cloud access. This is comparable to having your own committed path on a motorway that can extend and contract contingent upon what is passing through it! Paul Senior, CEO, says: "Our partnership with Millbrook goes from strength to strength, and we are delighted to announce this major upgrade to the very latest state-of-the-art 3GPP 5G SA Open RAN technology from Airspan Networks. One of the key goals of the DCMS AutoAir 5G project was to ensure that the network we constructed was sustainable and provided a lasting legacy for Millbrook and the UK's CAV eco-system. The deployment of a 3GPP 5G standalone infrastructure using the n77 band creates a unique test and development opportunity that can support both automotive and telecommunication eco-systems, within a bookable and accessible research facility." Connor McCormack, President of Millbrook says: "This upgrade is a huge step forward in capability, bringing the latest technology to our 5G testbed. It brings vast benefits to customers within our secure operating environment and future-proofs our testbed for the long-term. We are very proud to be part of the AutoAir consortium and look forward to the roll out of this cutting-edge technology." Eric Stonestrom, CEO of Airspan Networks says: "We are delighted to continue our long term relationship with the DCMS funded AutoAir project. The 5G upgrade using Airspan's OpenRANGE end-to-end Sub-6 GHz solution is another proof point for the use of OpenRAN technology to leverage innovation in the UK" Contact the team at Dense Air via or Millbrook via to see how we can introduce you to the new era. About Dense Air Dense Air is headquartered in the UK and has spectrum interests in Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, New Zealand and Australia. Dense Air provides unique "carrier of carriers" neutral host small cell services to deliver cost effective densification to any existing 4G or 5G Mobile Carrier or Service Provider. Dense Air New Zealand is based in Auckland where it manages its operational commercial services. About Airspan Airspan is a US-based, multi-award-winning, 4G and 5G end-to-end, fully virtualized, cloud-native OpenRAN hardware and software vendor with more than 20 years' experience and over one million cells deployed in the most cutting-edge Tier 1 networks, non-public networks, and vertical applications across the globe. Airspan's expansive product portfolio of indoor and outdoor, Macro and low-power base stations and open vRAN software solutions create the perfect tool kit to fully exploit new technologies such as mmWave, Sub-6 GHz, Massive MIMO, and open vRAN architectures following O-RAN and 3GPP specifications, as well as an industry-leading Fixed Wireless Access and backhaul portfolio for PTP and PTMP applications using Wi-Fi 6.

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Enables MTI's 5G Open RAN Radio Platform MaxLinear Transceiver Chipset

businesswire | December 15, 2020

MaxLinear, Inc, a main supplier of radio recurrence (RF), simple, advanced and blended sign coordinated circuits, declared today that the organization's remote handset chipsets are utilized in Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) Remote Radio Units (RRUs) focusing on explicit greenfield Open RAN arrangements for 4G and 5G applications. Open RAN furnishes administrators with another occasion to fabricate their radio organizations utilizing interoperable organization hardware sourced from various top tier foundation providers. Elite, adaptable, and financially savvy Radio Units (RUs) are key components to each Open RAN network. MaxLinear's answers give a demonstrated programming characterized radio stage that empowers hardware sellers to quickly convey Open RAN RUs that meet these objectives with industry-driving highlights, adaptability, structure factor, and force effectiveness. “Mobile operators are pulling Open RAN into the market rapidly because the cost savings and flexibility of Open RAN enable them to address opportunities that were previously unaffordable,” said Joe Madden, Founder and President of Mobile Experts, a leading wireless technology market research firm. “By 2025, roughly 7 million radios will be sold annually, independent of the baseband processors. As a result, we expect the market share of smaller suppliers to quadruple over the next five years, opening up new opportunities for innovative semiconductor suppliers.” MTI's Open RAN radios uphold new 5G Open RAN network arrangements with the O-RAN 7.2x interface. These new 5G radios use MaxLinear RF handset chipsets to give a superior, powerful, savvy, and adaptable stage permitting MTI to rapidly uphold new 5G Open RAN radio arrangements with numerous clients. Moreover, MTI is conveying their MaxLinear-controlled Evenstar Radio as a feature of the imaginative OpenRAN environment that completely underpins the OpenRAN Reference Architecture including a fronthaul interface consistent with the O-RAN Alliance Split 7.2x. With remarkable RF execution, MaxLinear handset chipsets furnish base station creators with an adaptable stage to disentangle and quicken their advancement of cutting edge radios. These profoundly incorporated base station handsets uphold all air interfaces from 2G to 5G NR, including MC-GSM, making them ideal for building up the adaptable multi-standard Software Defined Radios (SDR) that administrators need for the present 5G organizations. MaxLinear's chipset underpins numerous information, different yield (MIMO) applications in Macro, Massive MIMO, and Small Cell radios. "MaxLinear is delighted to support MTI’s 5G RRU solutions with our high-performance transceivers,” said Brendan Walsh, Vice President of MaxLinear’s Wireless Infrastructure Group. “MTI has been a key customer for many years, and we will continue to collaborate and innovate closely together to bring industry-leading Open RAN radios to the market.” “We selected MaxLinear for this deployment due to the breadth of their current product offering and the level of investment they are undertaking for future products,” said Eugene Wu, General Manager of MTI. “We are planning for future collaborations with MaxLinear’s next generation transceiver solutions and world class DPD algorithms supporting highly linearized wide bandwidth deployments.” About the Evenstar program: Evenstar program will contribute to the OpenRAN ecosystem by focusing on building general-purpose RAN reference designs for 4G and 5G networks that are aligned with 3GPP and O-RAN specifications and will help accelerate the adoption of TIP OpenRAN Project Group Solutions. RRUs, distribution units, and control unit software have traditionally been only available as a packaged unit, limiting opportunities to serve suburban and rural locations. By decoupling these components, the Evenstar program is expected to enable MNOs to choose best-in-class technology and deploy solutions from an increasing number of technology partners.

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