EHang Launches 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center as AAV Operation Spot in Guangzhou

EHang | December 30, 2021

EHang Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: EH) (“EHang” or the “Company”), the world's leading autonomous aerial vehicle (“AAV”) technology platform company, today announced that it has partnered with Guangzhou Development District Communications Investment Group Co., LTD (“GDDCI”) to jointly launch the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center at the Innovation Park in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China. This new Experience Center is especially designed and developed as a new operation spot with all necessary infrastructures for EHang AAVs under the 100 Air Mobility Routes Initiative. As EHang’s global first urban air mobility pilot city, Guangzhou has taken the lead in investing in urban air mobility (“UAM”) infrastructure construction in the urban area to enable citizens to enjoy air mobility experience in the near future. Several operational flight routes have been planned and tested for passenger transportation, aerial sightseeing, aerial logistics, etc. in Guangzhou.

As the newly-launched operation spot especially designed and developed for EHang AAVs, the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center covers an area of 2,000 square meters and is equipped with a rooftop take-off and landing vertiport as well as a hangar for power charging and maintenance. Powered by the 5G telecommunication networks, it relies on the EHang’s command-and-control system platform to enable trial operations for the EH216, Falcon B and other eVTOL models, for various UAM and smart city management applications. Furthermore, the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center is integrated with an Automatic Guided Vehicle Parking Garage, which provides a convenient infrastructure for a seamless transfer experience in car travel and aerial trip in the future.

EHang and GDDCI have founded this joint venture for establishing the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center as well as local UAM route planning and AAV operations. With the UAM mapping across four central areas in Guangzhou’s Huangpu district, several operational flight routes have been planned and tested for passenger transportation, aerial sightseeing, aerial logistics, smart city management, etc.

Chengjiu Zhou, General Manager of GDDCI, said, “By leveraging the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center, we will develop an intelligent air mobility ecosystem integrating the hardware, software, takeoff and landing platform and operation services in Huangpu district.”

“Guangzhou is EHang’s first global urban air mobility pilot city and the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center has become the latest operation spot under the 100 Air Mobility Routes Initiative. We will use the world’s leading AAV technologies and command-and-control system to provide intelligent, comprehensive solutions for urban air mobility and smart city management in Guangzhou. We expect to build Guangzhou into a model city for UAM and have plans to extend it to more cities across the country and worldwide.”

Huazhi Hu, Founder, Chairman and CEO of EHang

About EHang
EHang  is the world's leading autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) technology platform company. Our mission is to make safe, autonomous, and eco-friendly air mobility accessible to everyone. EHang provides customers in various industries with AAV products and commercial solutions: air mobility (including passenger transportation and logistics), smart city management, and aerial media solutions. As the forerunner of cutting-edge AAV technologies and commercial solutions in the global Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industry, EHang continues to explore the boundaries of the sky to make flying technologies benefit our life in smart cities.


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Supra ITS, a Canon Managed IT Partner, Announces the Acquisition of FlexITy's Managed Services business.

newswire | April 11, 2023

Supra ITS, a leading provider of IT Managed Services, announced today the acquisition of Flexity's Managed IT and VOIP Services. The acquisition brings a number of trained IT personnel to the Supra family, along with tools, processes and data centers that clients have relied on for their IT and telephony needs over the years. "We are delighted to welcome Flexity's clients to Supra ITS," said Sanjeev Spolia, CEO of Supra ITS. "Our nimble approach enables us to support customers of all sizes and industries, and we are proud to have built long-standing relationships with many of our clients for the last 24 years. By joining the tools, technologies, and people with Supra, we will be able to enhance services and improve efficiencies, delivering more value to our joint customers." Supra ITS is a Canon Managed IT Partner, and as such, is backed by the stability and global reach of this world-renowned organization. This partnership enables Supra ITS to provide cutting-edge technology solutions and world-class support to ensure that clients' business operations run smoothly. Supra ITS has an IT team of over 200 professionals, 4 data centers, top-tier security certifications (ISO 9000, ISO 20001, ISO 27000, and SOC 2), 24x7 continuous around-the-clock support, and industry-leading cyber-security services, including our innovative Network-Security Operations Center (The NSOC). "FlexITy is delighted Supra ITS is acquiring our managed services businesses," stated Geoff Kereluik, EVP with FlexITy Solutions. "Flexity's customers are accustomed to receiving a very high level of support. Supra ITS is ideally equipped to continue to provide the level of service our customers have come to expect. Supra ITS' increased scale, scope of deliverables and certifications will ensure our customers' current requirements are continued to be met while benefitting from having access to advanced solutions and deliverables moving forward. FlexITy is fully committed to working with Supra ITS to ensure the smooth transition of all our customers managed services." "We understand that every business is unique, which is why we will take the time to understand each client's specific needs and tailor our services to meet those needs," said Justin Folkerts, CTO of Supra ITS. "We are thrilled to have Flexity's clients on board and look forward to working with them to achieve their business goals." About Supra ITS Supra ITS is a Canadian company that specializes in Information and Communications Technology solutions, and it operates as a Canon Managed IT Partner. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for providing high-quality, proactive, and exceptional customer service. Supra ITS has a diverse clientele that includes blue-chip multinationals, government agencies, and small to medium-sized enterprises. With an experienced team, cutting-edge tools, and unparalleled expertise, Supra ITS offers a wide spectrum of services, including Managed IT, Cyber-Security, Business Process Outsourcing, and Custom Application Development, to meet the unique needs of its clients.

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365 Data Centers Accelerates Momentum Bringing Comprehensive Infrastructure Services to the Market

businesswire | May 03, 2023

365 Data Centers, a leading provider of network-centric colocation, cloud solutions and network connectivity, announces its full suite of enterprise service capabilities have been expanded to 8 new data center locations and 35 new Points of Presence (PoPs). This single provider solution benefits agents, resellers and direct customers by offering a single provider with one MSA, one support team and one invoice for full-stack colocation, network, cloud and IT support services. 365 Data Centers’ complete infrastructure-as-a-service solution is now made easy for master agents and resellers with services available across 20 data centers, with reach to an additional 124 network PoPs and over 450 peering partners. In the last year, 365 Data Centers has added eight new data center facilities located in Alpharetta (GA), Aurora (CO), Carlstadt (NJ), Marlborough (MA), Philadelphia-Downtown (PA), Rancho Cordova (CA), Richardson (TX), and Smyrna (GA). With the addition of these markets, 365 Data Centers now operates 20 colocation facilities across the U.S., which are home to 111 carriers with 300 carrier Points-of-Presence (“PoPs”) across primarily edge markets. In addition to integrating new markets, 365 Data Centers is focused on continuing to deliver reliable and secure colocation, network, and cloud data center services. The provider offers industry-leading, comprehensive IP blend offerings, as well as redundant and BGP options within its facilities, in addition to seamless connectivity to data and applications hosted in the cloud. “We are excited to meet with industry leading partners and resellers at the Channel Partner Expo in Las Vegas starting on May 1, 2023 so that we can bring them simplified and comprehensive solutions for their enterprise customers,” comments Steve Oakie, Chief Revenue Officer of 365 Data Centers. “Finalizing the integration of the Sungard Availability Services assets we acquired has propelled our capabilities to be ranked among the top 50 data center operators by DigitalInfra. The additional facilities and network capabilities further solidify us as the leading network-centric edge data center provider in the U.S.” 365 Data Centers’ unique capabilities brings fully integrated Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to enterprise customers across the nation. Simplifying service delivery, management, and ongoing operations is how 365 Data Centers helps companies realize Technology Humanized™. About 365 Data Centers: 365 Data Centers is a leading provider of hybrid Data Center solutions in 20 strategic, primarily edge, markets. Along with network-centric Data Centers in Alpharetta (GA), Aurora (CO), Boca Raton (FL), Bridgewater (NJ), Buffalo (NY), Carlstadt (NJ), Chicago (IL), Commack (NY), Detroit (MI), Fort Lauderdale (FL), Herndon (VA), Nashville (TN), Marlborough (MA), Philadelphia-University City (PA), Philadelphia Downtown (PA), New York City (NY), Rancho Cordova (CA), Richardson (TX), Smyrna (GA), and Tampa(FL). The company also operates a resilient, low latency, nationwide fiber network and 4 cloud regions. 365 serves more than 1,700 customers.

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euNetworks Expands Dark Fiber Network in Belgium via Acquisition

euNetworks | March 14, 2023

euNetworks Group Limited, a company that provides bandwidth infrastructure in Western Europe, recently announced its acquisition of the dark fiber business branch of a utility company called ‘the Business Branch’ in Belgium.The Business Branch, constructed in the late 1990s, is a duct-based network with 1,660 km of fiber dispersed throughout unique Brussels routes and long haul routes across Belgium. It has access to additional high-bandwidth sites and is close to 13 data centers. Customers from national and regional ISPs to content, cloud providers, mobile network operators, and hyperscalers will receive dark fiber and lit services through euNetworks' long-haul infrastructure. The recent upgrade underwent increased expansion capacity and ability to pull the new, higher-count cable, satisfying euNetworks' client bandwidth growth needs. Paula Cogan, Chief Executive Officer of euNetworks remarked, “euNetworks continues to distinguish itself in the digital infrastructure ecosystem, delivering critical internet infrastructure to customers through an asset-rich business focused on developing and deepening its fibre networks in Europe.” She added, “This acquisition will strengthen euNetworks’ leadership in European infrastructure by enabling us to expand across Belgium while maintaining our focus on delivering unique and scalable network routes to our customers between key data centres. It also presents compelling investment opportunities as we look into adjacent geographies with our customers to give them an end-to-end experience and as we focus on the ongoing densification of the high-demand bandwidth region of FLAP (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris).” (Source – Business Wire) The inclusion of the Business Branch complements euNetworks' current approach. euNetworks is committed to providing high-bandwidth fiber connectivity within and between European cities, constantly improving its infrastructure. These improvements include creating new routes, adding new paths, and expanding into key hyperscale data center sites, network aggregation points and data center clusters. These investments drive the capacity needs of euNetworks' customers and fuel the company's expansion. About euNetworks euNetworks was started in 2002 and has been serving wholesale, finance, content, media, mobile, data centers, and enterprise customers with critical bandwidth infrastructure services. The company owns and runs 17 fiber-based metropolitan networks and a high-capacity intercity backbone that connect 53 cities in 17 European countries. euNetworks offers a range of metropolitan and long-haul services, including Dark Fiber, Ethernet and Wavelengths and is a leading cloud connectivity provider.

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