Ceragon Selected to Provide Connectivity to Remote Indonesian Islands and Regions

Ceragon Networks Ltd | September 27, 2021

Ceragon Networks Ltd. the global innovator and leading solutions provider of 5G wireless transport, announced today that it has secured a multi-million-dollar contract to design and supply a microwave network in Indonesia as part of an ambitious government project to provide Internet and telecom access to rural areas in the country, including schools, government offices, and hospitals. In this project, Ceragon is the primary vendor selected to provide the wireless transmission solutions for the 4G LTE access network, including design and project management services.

With 16,056 islands, extreme humidity that ranges between 70-90%, heavy rainfall, and climbing cases of COVID-19, the project poses a challenge for Indonesia in the achievement of its Universal Service Obligation goal. Ceragon's solutions and services will help finish the project on time.

Ceragon's all-outdoor microwave solutions, based on the IP-20 platform, will contribute to cost savings on site construction thanks to their small footprint and minimum power consumption. Its Advance Space Diversity (ASD) solution will optimize the tower load in addition to saving overall logistic costs and speeding up the construction schedule. Ceragon's ASD solution requires fewer total antennas compared to other providers, creating a competitive advantage for both Ceragon and its customers. 

We are very excited to participate in projects that are aligned with our vision to enable equal digital opportunities to all citizens of the world. As governments around the world intensify rural digitization, our all-outdoor high performance, low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) products and our expertise in providing full turnkey solutions position us as a leading vendor to win such projects. We have a strong presence in Indonesia, including long-term experience deploying our solutions in the country. I believe it is our reputed high-value technology, designed to save costs which is critical in such projects, that has differentiated us from our competition.

Doron Arazi, CEO of Ceragon Networks

About Ceragon Networks

Ceragon Networks Ltd. is the global innovator and leading solutions provider of 5G wireless transport. We help operators and other service providers worldwide increase operational efficiency and enhance end customers' quality of experience with innovative wireless backhaul and fronthaul solutions. Our customers include service providers, public safety organizations, government agencies and utility companies, which use our solutions to deliver 5G & 4G broadband wireless connectivity, mission-critical multimedia services, stabilized communications, and other applications at high reliability and speed.

Ceragon's unique multicore technology and disaggregated approach to wireless transport provides highly reliable, fast to deploy, high-capacity wireless transport for 5G and 4G networks with minimal use of spectrum, power, real estate, and labor resources. It enables increased productivity, as well as simple and quick network modernization, positioning Ceragon as a leading solutions provider for the 5G era. We deliver a complete portfolio of turnkey end-to-end AI-based managed and professional services that ensure efficient network rollout and optimization to achieve the highest value for our customers. Our solutions are deployed by more than 400 service providers, as well as more than 800 private network owners, in more than 150 countries.


Server virtualization is well on its way to becoming mainstream. Enterprises have achieved significant savings in hardware and operating cost by optimizing resource utilization and are moving towards virtualizing more business critical servers. This widespread acceptance is due in part to advanced virtualization technologies which have further increased the availability of resources.


Server virtualization is well on its way to becoming mainstream. Enterprises have achieved significant savings in hardware and operating cost by optimizing resource utilization and are moving towards virtualizing more business critical servers. This widespread acceptance is due in part to advanced virtualization technologies which have further increased the availability of resources.

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Zoomlion's Pilot 5G Tower Crane Remote Intelligent Control System Completes Its First Hoisting Task Globally

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Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("Zoomlion"; 1157.HK) successfully demonstrated its 5G tower crane remote control system (the "System") on June 25 in Zhengzhou, China, and completed its first ever hoisting on the construction of Zhengzhou Jiangshan School. Installed remotely and intelligently, the System was developed based on Zoomlion's unmanned tower crane project with the support of the advanced 5G technology of Henan Telecom. The System enables remote intelligent control, which replaces previous operations at high-altitudes or ground level. It has filled the gap in remote intelligent hoisting of tower cranes, promoted tower crane restoration, modified the construction method, improved the operator's working environment and reduced labor intensity to guarantee personal safety. The System consists of four cutting-edge systems: All-around video surveillance system: it realizes all-around and multi-angle observation of the crane's movement and surrounding area (including blind spots), which improves operation convenience and ensures construction safety; Visualized intelligent tracking system of the tower crane hook: composed of infrared cameras and digital sensing equipment, this system improves hoisting accuracy and effectively reduces hidden safety hazards during the hoisting process; Digital tower crane status monitoring system: the different sensors can monitor and display all parameters including boom height, wind speed, temperature and humidity and can predict motion trail to avoid danger and protect the operator's safety; Anti-collision and intelligent dispatch system: it utilizes the low latency and stability of the 5G network, adopts binocular cameras and combines AI and computer vision technologies to achieve obstacle detection within 10 meters of the hook. Driven by Zoomlion's "Product 4.0A" strategy, the company has successfully applied 5G technology to tower cranes, cranes, pump trucks and excavators, and the intelligent upgrades of the company's production lines and intelligent factories. In the future Zoomlion will ceaselessly work with top 5G companies to accelerate its digital transformation and upgrading in a bid to build world-class smart factories and further promote intelligent upgrades of its products. About Zoomlion Founded in 1992, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (1157.HK) is a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise that integrates engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, and financial services. The company now sells 568 cutting-edge products from 70 product lines covering 11 significant categories.

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EPS Global and DriveNets Announce Strategic Partnership to Speed the Adoption of Cloud-Native Networking by Leading Operators Worldwide

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DriveNets, a leader in cloud-native and disaggregated networking solutions, and EPS Global, a worldwide distributor of technology solutions from industry-pioneering manufacturers, today announced a strategic partnership that will accelerate the growth of the disaggregated networking market and deployment of cloud architecture-based networks. Under this agreement, EPS will distribute DriveNets Network Cloud-based solutions to service providers and hyperscalers worldwide. This partnership will help streamline and accelerate the evolution towards cloud-based networking by expanding DriveNets' reach and local presence to new markets and customers through EPS. "DriveNets' innovative approach towards a simpler, more scalable, disaggregated network infrastructure which has been successfully deployed at AT&T, has significantly influenced the industry," said Nir Gasko, head of Global Strategic Alliances at DriveNets. "This partnership combines our innovative solutions with EPS Global's extensive expertise in distributing, consulting, planning and building networks, to help our mutual customers accelerate their networking deployments around the world." "We are delighted to announce our global partnership with DriveNets, which represents a further enhancement to the networking product set we provide to our customers to help them improve the way they build and operate their networks,Together, we can help service providers to meet growing customer demands, accelerate service innovation, and increase their revenue." Colin Lynch, CEO at EPS Global This strategic partnership between DriveNets and EPS Global leverages EPS's international reach and coverage, as well as its expertise and knowledge of local markets, to streamline the distribution, installation, and rollout of DriveNets' Network Cloud solutions. EPS is already working with customers on DriveNets deployments, including the design, testing, validation, production readiness, sourcing and logistics, technical support, and end-to-end seamless integration of Network Cloud-based solutions. DriveNets Partner Program The DriveNets Partner Program was established to accelerate the transformation in the telecom field, from a closed, vendor-dependent model to a cloud-like architecture with an open ecosystem, where each partner plays to its strength, leading to a combined solution that is better, more cost effective, and more innovative than each individual element. The program has been designed to leverage the disaggregated network model and bring together a wide range of worldwide players, including channel partners, solution providers, hardware manufacturers, and application developers. DriveNets' Partner Program combines DriveNets' solution with our partners' value-added expertise to accelerate innovation in the service provider space. Through DriveNets Partner Program, service providers can benefit from a simplified, holistic vendor engagement model, enabling a more efficient process while leveraging a disaggregated architecture. About DriveNets DriveNets is a leader in cloud-native networking software and network disaggregation solutions. Founded in 2015 and based in Israel, DriveNets offers communications service providers (CSPs) and cloud providers a radical new way to build networks, substantially growing their profitability by changing their technological and economic models. DriveNets' solution – Network Cloud – adapts the architectural model of cloud to telco-grade networking. Network Cloud is a cloud-native software that runs over a shared physical infrastructure of standard white-boxes, radically simplifying the network's operations, offering telco-scale performance and elasticity at a much lower cost. Learn more at About EPS Global Founded in 1999 EPS Global is a leading, privately owned, franchised distributor for specialized IT component and systems manufacturers whose products are used in high speed data and storage networks to accelerate, multiplex, store and manipulate the huge amounts of data generated by online and telecoms activity. Their customer base includes Web 2.0 operators, Data Centres, MSPs, Internet Exchanges, Media & Broadcast, Government, Utilities and Telcos in addition to 1,000+ Value Added Reseller and System Integrators who work within the big data management market.

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