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Billion Electric Launches New Outdoor Router for 5G and VR Applications

Billion Electric Co., Ltd. a leading provider of networking devices, launched BiPAC 5700, its latest 5G Sub-6GHz VPN high-efficiency commercial outdoor router aiming to provide services for applications that require high-speed data transmission, including 8K UHDTV for sports events, VR 3D video games or concerts, cloud video editing, etc. via the 5G network featuring “high bandwidth, high speed, low latency”.

BiPAC 5700 supports both NSA&SA modes that can run in parallel with the existing LTE architecture, so it could be deployed, using both 5G and LTE networks, allowing operators to quickly deploy the 5G wireless network services, improve network speed and coverage, thereby improving the operation efficiency.

In the past few years, Billion Electric has been providing high quality and reliable network communications solutions for system integrators in Japan, who successfully used Billion Electric’s outdoor LTE router BiPAC 4700 to enable remote control of field devices on farms in the cold of minus 40°C, overcoming the challenge of managing multiple outdoor devices in rural areas and even more harsh outdoor environments.

In order to meet the expansion of VR/AR/AV applications in entertainment, education services, manufacturing and engineering, healthcare and other fields in recent years, Billion Electric integrated the latest 5G Sub-6GHz mobile communication module with the high-performance dual-polarization MIMO antennas to launch the 5G outdoor router BiPAC 5700 with powerful network connectivity. In addition to having all the functions of BiPAC 4700, the upgraded BiPAC 5700 supports the latest 5G NR technology, which can provide higher data transmission rates and a wider network coverage for fixed wireless network users far away from 5G or LTE base stations. Its high-speed and low-latency features have enabled fast data transmission and strengthened communication stability, making it suitable for application scenarios such as VR games, exhibition guidelines, high-resolution video conferences, and telemedicine.

BiPAC 5700 brings new opportunities to the commercial applications of VR/AR/AV, which need to be combined with big data, AI, and IoT, and require real-time transmission of large amounts of data to avoid latency. BiPAC 5700 is a 5G Sub-6GHz VPN outdoor router that can provide a 5G network with high bandwidth and low latency and can support high-speed cloud computing and ensure smooth data transmission to lift application restrictions on 8K ultra-high resolution image quality and 3D model image computing.

Both BiPAC 5700 and BiPAC 4700 outdoor routers support IPv4/IPv6 dual network and VPN connection and encryption, so commercial users can build a private encrypted channel on the public Internet between offices for secure data transmission. In addition, with the help of Billion Electric’s central management system, all routers can be easily managed from different sites to reduce labor costs, and provide maintenance engineers with remote control functions.

Its casing complies with the IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating, allowing it to withstand extreme cold and severe weather and stably provide a safe and high-performance mobile wireless network. The built-in 6KV surge protection and 15KV ESD protector can effectively prevent damage caused by lightning surges and electro-static discharge, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the device.

“By the end of June 2021, 58 Japanese enterprises have obtained or applied for 5G spectrum licenses. Cable TV operators, manufacturers and educational institutions have actively cooperated with local governments to promote the application of 5G with higher transmission speed, wider coverage, higher reliability, and lower latency,” said Greg Chen, General Manager of Billion Electric. “Currently, BiPAC 5700 is the most advanced 5G Sub-6GHz all-round high-efficiency and multifunctional commercial outdoor router, which can provide users with stable and safe low-latency, high-speed Internet services in areas where cable network is not easy to deploy, where cable network services are not available, or where wireless network services are required. In particular, since BiPAC 5700 uses the advanced communication technology that meets the 5G standard, it can rely on its high-performance Internet speed and greatly increased network coverage to further assist customers in expanding the deployment of 5G Sub-6GHz wireless network.”

About Billion Electric
Since 1994, Billion Electric has been devoted to the development of ICT solutions and R&D, manufacturing and selling of network communication equipment and access device. The company aims at providing comprehensive network solutions for a variety of enterprise, commercial, green energy, stored energy and vertical markets that have requirements in communications and information security. So far, the company has established a win-win partnership with distributors, system integrators, and telecom operators in more than 40 countries around the world to jointly promote the global deployment of 5G and LTE networks.



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