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For the past three years, SD-WAN has been one of the most talked about technology trends. All the discussion around SD-WAN has helped shine the spotlight on the business value enterprises can realize by changing the way they build their wide area networks. As the market continues to gain momentum coming into the new year, here are my annual predictions for SD-WAN and the future of the WAN edge infrastructure market. You can also view Silver Peak’s webinar to prepare for SD-WAN in 2019. SD-WAN Market Consolidation SD-WAN market/vendor consolidation will continue with a few vendors separating from the pack and leading the way forward. Enterprises will begin to realize that they need more than just basic SD-WAN functionality to address their evolving requirements at the WAN Edge. Consolidation will force out the vendors that have merely added a handful of rudimentary features in an effort to participate in the SD-WAN market. This will ultimately reduce market noise and confusion and accelerate enterprise SD-WAN deployments globally. DAVID HUGHES READ MORE