. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/techtank/2019/01/11/time-to-move-beyond-5g-hype/
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The next generation wireless network known as 5G is like an abstract painting—you can make of it what you want. To some, 5G is “wireless cable,” the means to deliver video and high-speed internet much like a cable system. To others, 5G is the transformational technology necessary to handle the flood of data to enable new capabilities such as autonomous vehicles and remote surgery. To Sprint and T-Mobile, the cost of building out 5G is the justification for a merger, reducing consumer choice from four national wireless carriers to three. To AT&T, a faster 4G network has been rebranded “5G-E” although it is not “real 5G.” To satellite companies currently licensed to use potential 5G spectrum, it is the opportunity to sell something for which they paid nothing at a windfall profit. To Donald Trump, 5G is a political talking point to gin up nationalistic furor over a “race” with China. TOM WHEELER READ MORE