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The future of communications is careening toward us at an incredible clip. The new age is going to be amazing and messy at the same time. Verizon rolled out fifth-generation wireless service in four U.S cities in October 2018. 5G is so fast that it changes what is possible with networks. It brings computing closer to data sources. This is a sea change. Investors need to understand the opportunity, and the players. It’s all about speed. In tests, 5G has been shown to be 200 times faster than LTE, the current standard wireless protocol. Nominally, that means downloading an entire high-definition movie in seconds, not minutes. In other words, this marks the end of waiting for information to reach our devices. Killing latency is a big deal. It opens up new business models far beyond simple media consumption … like autonomous cars and package-delivering drones … smart lampposts and traffic lights … and even remote robotic surgery. JON MARKMAN READ MORE