. https://www.meritalk.com/articles/multi-clouds-need-multifaceted-multi-layered-approach-to-security/
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A multi-cloud environment offers Federal agencies the advantages of high resiliency combined with the agility to adapt quickly to changing mission and technology requirements. But if migrating workloads to one cloud environment expands the attack surface, imagine how multiple clouds can extend the attack surface even more. Agencies will need a multifaceted, multi-layered set of solutions that can collect, normalize, and analyze events to help detect threats. The toolsets must have deep integration with private and public cloud platforms as well as with traditional on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, the solutions must detect misconfigurations of cloud resources, which could unintentionally expose data, as well as provide insight about users who have deployed, installed, or leveraged unsanctioned tools, experts say. “The cloud in and of itself is not unsecure compared to on-premise systems. It actually offers an opportunity to become more secure than what you have on-prem,” said Chris Christou, a principal and director with Booz Allen Hamilton, who leads a team that develops cloud security solutions for civilian and defense agencies as well commercial enterprises. READ MORE