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Emerging industries of the future are turning convergence between industrial networks (OTs) and information networks (IT) into a hot topic in the world of industry. This phenomenon highlights the specific characteristics of this infrastructure and reveals certain risks, particularly with regard to cybersecurity. Predictive maintenance, goods and services that precisely satisfy consumer demand: there are a proliferation of promises offered by this Industry 4.0, related to information and industrial networks. However, the task of reconciling these two very different types of infrastructure is more complex than it seems. Two-speed development of IT and OT infrastructure. For a number of years now, industry has watched as the boundaries between IT and OT start to blur. Computer technology, which is updated at regular intervals on control workstations in workshops, rubs shoulders with a pool of machines offering greatly increased lifespans and amortisation periods. Much like the USB/RS232 converter enabling a machine speaking one language (USB for a PC) to be understood by a different one (RS232 for an industrial machine), the challenge for OT teams was to find a way of reconciling these worlds with their different development priorities. READ MORE