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How Splunk Helps Maintain Cloud Infra?

January 21, 2021 / MAHIPAL NEHRA

With the regular increase of data in both cloud and organizations, a way to tackle these data and extract valuable insights is highly in demand. Although there are multiple tools available in the market not all of them can provide a complete resolution.

Developed in 2003, Slunk has become the ideal tool for numerous businesses across the globe. It is a software platform that is popular for searching, monitoring, analyzing, and visualizing data in real-time. Slunk performs operations such as gathering, interpreting, and coordinating data to create alerts, dashboards, and graphs instantaneously.

Why Splunk?

1. Business Flexibility
It improves the way people around organizations identify, predict, and solve problems simultaneously. It helps in answering questions for every part of the business, be it DevOps, IT, or Business Development. It offers capabilities to detect, visualize and collaborate anytime.

2. Enhance Digitization
Splunk assists businesses in ensuring the success of their digitization with its artificial intelligence and machine learning-based solutions.

3. New Opportunities
No matter how much data you have gathered, Splunk will help in scaling according to the data volume. It does that with the ecosystem provided by its partners and services.

4. Data-To-Everything
It is a platform that enables businesses to detect, monitor, analyze, and work with both structured and unstructured data regardless of their source and timescale. It allows users to ask any question related to insights and take actions accordingly.

5. Fast & Flexible
The time to value can be sped up to two days. Companies can deploy in increasing capacity within two days and retrieve their data as long as 90 days. Moreover, the upgrades and updates are handled by the team for them.

6. Maximize Value
The subscribers of Splunk do not have to manage infrastructure and they do not even need one. As a service, it offers scarce and valuable resources as required for better performance.

7. Robust Security
Splunk is certified and authorized by ISO 27001 and FedRAMP. They proffer dedicated cloud environments with encryption to the customer for robust security as well.

Apart from these major advantages, Splunk also grants incredible GUI, reduces troubleshooting time, real-time dashboard visibility, incorporates AI in data strategy, monitors business metrics, powerful visualization, and search. Some of the crucial features of Splunk include development & testing, faster ROI generation, developing real-time data applications, and real-time architecture stats & reports.

Be Ready for Splunk-Based Cloud Infra Maintenance

At its core, Splunk is an efficient tool for data aggregation that comes with versatile search functionality. Any business can get started with Splunk depending on certain needs they have for data-set monitoring and management. It allows users to take a highly effective data wealth that is pulled from different sources like websites, apps, or IoT.

All that is needed to do is getting started with Splunk-based applications for which you can hire developers with relevant knowledge and experience.

Mahipal Nehra is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who works with Decipher Zone Software. After spending nearly a decade in the marketing industry and interacting with different technologies, Mahipal has a great interest in writing blogs on different topics. He is a writer in the day and a reader at night. His major interests of reading and writing include Web applications, customer-relationship management, technical trends & insights, operational behavior, data analysis, ranking algorithms, Robotics, AI, and Digital Transformation IT solutions.

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