. https://www.ericsson.com/en/blog/2019/1/business-cloud-native-design
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Every time I read about another 5G use case, I can't help but wonder how our future will look like in ten years' time? Today, we navigate our lives by bouncing from one cloud platform to another. Netflix is the prime case in point for how a successful cloud-native platform looks today. You can also look at - Twitter, Alibaba, Uber, Facebook and many more to see where consumer satisfaction and, by extension, business growth depends on the platform's ability to adopt, adapt, fix, deploy and scale. Behind these platforms, cloud-native architectures have helped developers to overcome and maintain pace with increasing consumer thresholds. And this is only the beginning. So we see Cloud-native is part of our daily lives. We see the benefits, we hear about the agility and the flexibility for our OTT partners. But I believe, the Telco industry has yet to fully harness and optimize the potential of this technology. In the first instance, we just took what we had and moved it to the cloud, now we try to re-design the software for the Telco industry so that we can optimize our cloud infrastructure. While at the same time, we are also making it possible to automate operations in a better way. JAN KARLSSON READ MORE