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The growing complexity of today’s IT reality is indisputable: Software is becoming more complex, and the infrastructure it runs on is equally so. This complexity comes, in part, from adding layers upon layers to the infrastructure we manage—from bare metal servers to VMs to containers to function-based computing—and from how quickly we cycle in new technologies and how slowly old technologies are cycled out. Ephemeral and multi-generational infrastructure (often side by side) are the new normal. Old and new technologies co-mingle, and while new technologies may be shiny and exciting, they quickly become ordinary as the next new thing comes along. Here’s a sobering stat: In Q4 2017, IBM’s mainframe business grew by 32%. So even while cloud, AI and security initiatives are on the rise at IBM, mainframes sustain a bulk of their business. Old tech perseveres, and we have to find new solutions to bridge the gap between old and new. READ MORE