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The connectivity provided by cabling infrastructure is the foundation of every data center enabling the transactions that help businesses make mission-critical decisions every day. All data centers have various types of cabling, ranging from all-copper installation to all-fiber installation and everything in between (depending on your equipment and your requirements). Whether the cables in question are for power or data, failure to properly manage this critical part of data center infrastructure can cause serious issues, from increased operating costs to more expensive outages. Cable management cannot be an afterthought. Team planning and thinking through the installation ahead of time is key to getting data center cabling right. The optimum solution is to design a cabling infrastructure at the same time as the data center, using bandwidth/equipment requirements and physical layout to determine the types and quantities of cables needed. The time spent planning makes it easier to manage cable infrastructure when the data center is operational — don’t waste time trying to identify which equipment is connected to which cable for troubleshooting, repair, or replacement. JON MCSWEENY READ MORE