. https://salientnetworks.com/introductory-guide-understanding-network-infrastructure/
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At Salient Networks, we have a simple ethos: We believe that technology is all about connection. Ideally, technology is deployed in such a way that it brings people together and enables them to communicate seamlessly. And it’s not just about connection between people, but also connection between devices; for example, in a workplace, it’s important to have different computers, tablets, phones, and other pieces of hardware connected together on the same network. When we talk about network infrastructure, that’s basically what we’re referencing—connection. Understanding network infrastructure is an important step in exploring your IT needs and appraising possible solutions. What is Network Infrastructure? For those who are unfamiliar with this term, however, a brief introduction may be in order—so what is network infrastructure, exactly? When we talk about network infrastructure, we’re talking about the branch of IT services that provides a network on which different devices can connect. Hardware, software, services, and facilities all fit under the network infrastructure umbrella. READ MORE