Driving IT Transformation Real Talk Outside the Data Center: Storage | Intel Business

| December 5, 2018

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Taiji Saotome, Systems Manager, Higher Education, and Jake Smith, Intel Data Center Solutions and Technologies, meet to discuss his work on next-generation storage and memory products as part of Taiji's role as a faculty member at an Ivy League school. Among other topics, they talk about the role of Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory and Intel® Optane™ SSDs and why these products are key for research and storage of massive amounts of data.


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How to Scale IT Infrastructure

Article | April 25, 2020

IT infrastructure scaling is when the size and power of an IT system are scaled to accommodate changes in storage and workflow demands. Infrastructure scaling can be horizontal or vertical. Vertical scaling, or scaling up, adds more processing power and memory to a system, giving it an immediate boost. Horizontal scaling, or scaling out, adds more servers to the cloud, easing the bottleneck in the long run, but also adding more complexity to the system.

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Article | May 3, 2021

What Is IT Infrastructure Security? If you are reading this blog, we would like to assume that you are either an aspiring cybersecurity professional or a business owner looking for ways to improve their network security. A business IT infrastructure includes networks, software, hardware, equipment, and other facilities that make up an IT network. These networks are applied to establish, monitor, test, manage, deliver, and support IT services. So, IT infrastructure security describes the process of safeguarding the core networking infrastructure, and it is typically applied to enterprise IT environments. You can improve IT infrastructure security by installing protective solutions to block unauthorized access, theft, deletion, and data modification.

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We Need to Talk About ‘Cloud Neutrality’

Article | February 10, 2020

We spent a lot of years talking about net neutrality the idea that the companies that provide access to the internet shouldn’t unfairly block, slow down, or otherwise interfere with traffic even if that traffic competes with their services. But there’s an even bigger issue brewing, and it’s time to start talking about it: cloud neutrality. “While its name sounds soft and fluffy,” Microsoft president and general counsel Brad Smith and coauthor Carol Ann Browne write in their recent book, Tools and Weapons: The Promise and the Peril of the Digital Age, “in truth the cloud is a fortress.” Their introduction describes the modern marvel of the data center: a 2 million-square-foot, climate-controlled facility made up of colossal electrical generators, diesel fuel tanks, battery arrays, and bulletproof doors

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Cyber security best practice in mission critical SCADA systems

Article | April 6, 2020

Due to lack of reporting many businesses still underestimate the threat of cyber-attacks and the scale of damage that can ensueWith cyber-attacks fast becoming the weapon of choice to compromise critical infrastructures, the need for a proactive approach to cyber security in SCADA systems has become imperative. Security is a much larger issue than often realized, as many cyber-attacks on SCADA system still going un-reported. There are several reasons why many cyber-attacks are swept under the carpet, including to protect brand reputation or to avoid highlighting vulnerabilities that could attract further attacks. However, due to lack of reporting many businesses still underestimate the threat of cyber-attacks and the scale of damage that can ensue.

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