Data Exfiltration through Service Provider DNS Infrastructure

| January 12, 2018

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While DNS hasn’t changed all that much since Paul Mockapetris invented it in 1983, the skills and capabilities of today’s hackers have advanced considerably. DNS is a globally deployed routing and caching overlay network that connects public networks, corporate networks, and the Internet. The pervasiveness of its use and open-source nature of the technology make it extremely vulnerable to hacker attacks such as DDoS attacks and therefore raises serious questions: Is it sufficiently secure? Is it vulnerable to data breaches? The answer is that DNS can be abused in all sorts of unconventional ways that make it the perfect back door for hackers seeking to steal sensitive data.



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What Makes Digital Transformation a Success?

Article | February 18, 2020

Despite more than $5 trillion having been spent on digital transformation efforts, survey after survey shows that successful digital transformations are far and few in-between. By many estimates, more than 50% of digital transformation efforts failed in recent years. While a recent survey conducted by Hanover Research and commissioned by AHEAD, the State of Enterprise Digital Transformation, found that 93% of enterprises are undergoing some digital transformation as they seek to cut costs (77%) and improve customer experience (71%). The survey found 42% of enterprises struggling to reach success as their efforts fall behind or stall.

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Microsoft Acquires npm: A Healthy Move for Critical Public Infrastructure

Article | March 16, 2020

Today, news broke that GitHub and its parent company Microsoft, acquired npm and its public repository of open source JavaScript packages. In 2018 when Microsoft acquired Github, many in the developer community had a cautious, even emotional response. Given today’s announcement that GitHub is acquiring npm -- the same concerns are likely to surface again since JavaScript is one of the world’s most popular programming languages and since the commons of the global JavaScript community reside within the fabric of npm.

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As Edge Applications Multiply, OpenInfra Community Delivers StarlingX 5.0, Offering Cloud Infrastructure Stack for 5G, IoT

Article | June 2, 2021

StarlingX—the open source edge computing and IoT cloud platform optimized for low-latency and high-performance applications—is available in its 5.0 release today. StarlingX combines Ceph, OpenStack, Kubernetes and more to create a full-featured cloud software stack that provides everything carriers and enterprises need to deploy an edge cloud on a few servers or hundreds of them.

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The world is ready for 5G. Are you?

Article | June 3, 2021

At last, the wait for 5G is nearly over. As this map shows, coverage is widespread across much of the U.S., in 24 EU countries, and in pockets around the globe. The new wireless standard is worth the wait. Compared to 4G, the new wireless standard can move more data from the edge, with less latency. And connect many more users and devices—an important development given that the IDC estimates 152,000 new Internet of Things (IoT) devices per minute by 2025. Put it together, and 5G is a game-changing backhaul for public networks. (Wi-Fi 6, often mentioned in the same breath as 5G, is generally used for private WANs.

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