Converged Infrastructure vs. Hyper Converged Infrastructure

| November 28, 2018

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The title of this paper might suggest having to pit Converged (CI) against Hyper Converged (HCI), but quite the contrary. In the next few pages we will show you that your application and user needs can thrive with both CI and HCI, as long as they can communicate and share across a data fabric.


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Graph machine learning in distributed systems: What you need to know

Article | March 16, 2020

Just as graphs make it easier for us to understand and act on complex data, graph machine learning can take graph theory a giant step further. But can it even help today’s service providers to improve reliability and predict anomalous behaviors in complicated distributed systems? Find out below…How much do you know about graph representation of data? Over the last two decades, graph theory has become increasingly popular in both research and industry. Among other areas, it has been used in epidemiology, medicine genetics, healthcare, banking and engineering to solve challenges such as routing, finding relation, path etc.

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How to Scale IT Infrastructure

Article | April 25, 2020

IT infrastructure scaling is when the size and power of an IT system are scaled to accommodate changes in storage and workflow demands. Infrastructure scaling can be horizontal or vertical. Vertical scaling, or scaling up, adds more processing power and memory to a system, giving it an immediate boost. Horizontal scaling, or scaling out, adds more servers to the cloud, easing the bottleneck in the long run, but also adding more complexity to the system.

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Super Blueprints Integrate the 5G Open Source Stack from Core to Door

Article | June 1, 2021

There is an exciting convergence in the networking industry around open source, and the energy is palpable. At LF Networking, we have a unique perspective as the largest open source initiative in the networking space with the broadest set of projects that make up the diverse and evolving open source networking stack. LF Networking provides platforms and building blocks across the networking industry that enable rapid interoperability, deployment, and adoption and is the nexus for 5G innovation and integration. LF Networking has now tapped confluence on industry efforts to structure a new initiative to develop 5G Super Blueprints for the ecosystem. Major integrations between the building blocks are now underway–between ONAP and ORAN, Akraino and Magma, Anuket and Kubernetes, and more.

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Article | April 27, 2020

Data science and big data analytics have become the new must-haves for businesses across many industries. Gone are the days when algorithm development and large-scale data mining were confined to Silicon Valley. In the modern, tech-savvy age, it’s almost an afterthought that banks, insurance brokerages, healthcare entities, and other non-tech-sector companies seek to be “the next Apple/Google/Amazon” or whatever tech behemoth completes the C-suite’s bromide. This is true not just in word, but in deed.

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