Cloud Infrastructure at the Edge and Why It Matters to Your User Experience

| December 8, 2017

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User expectations for a great digital experience have never been higher. Providing that experience starts with an industry-leading cloud core infrastructure that ensures great performance, scale, flexibility, and resiliency. Cloud edge solutions play a complementary and critical role to the cloud core by seeing, understanding, and controlling internet performance. In this session learn what the cloud edge is, the challenges the edge presents, and why it can dictate user experience.


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Super Blueprints Integrate the 5G Open Source Stack from Core to Door

Article | June 1, 2021

There is an exciting convergence in the networking industry around open source, and the energy is palpable. At LF Networking, we have a unique perspective as the largest open source initiative in the networking space with the broadest set of projects that make up the diverse and evolving open source networking stack. LF Networking provides platforms and building blocks across the networking industry that enable rapid interoperability, deployment, and adoption and is the nexus for 5G innovation and integration. LF Networking has now tapped confluence on industry efforts to structure a new initiative to develop 5G Super Blueprints for the ecosystem. Major integrations between the building blocks are now underway–between ONAP and ORAN, Akraino and Magma, Anuket and Kubernetes, and more.

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As Edge Applications Multiply, OpenInfra Community Delivers StarlingX 5.0, Offering Cloud Infrastructure Stack for 5G, IoT

Article | June 2, 2021

StarlingX—the open source edge computing and IoT cloud platform optimized for low-latency and high-performance applications—is available in its 5.0 release today. StarlingX combines Ceph, OpenStack, Kubernetes and more to create a full-featured cloud software stack that provides everything carriers and enterprises need to deploy an edge cloud on a few servers or hundreds of them.

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The world is ready for 5G. Are you?

Article | June 3, 2021

At last, the wait for 5G is nearly over. As this map shows, coverage is widespread across much of the U.S., in 24 EU countries, and in pockets around the globe. The new wireless standard is worth the wait. Compared to 4G, the new wireless standard can move more data from the edge, with less latency. And connect many more users and devices—an important development given that the IDC estimates 152,000 new Internet of Things (IoT) devices per minute by 2025. Put it together, and 5G is a game-changing backhaul for public networks. (Wi-Fi 6, often mentioned in the same breath as 5G, is generally used for private WANs.

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Article | May 3, 2021

What Is IT Infrastructure Security? If you are reading this blog, we would like to assume that you are either an aspiring cybersecurity professional or a business owner looking for ways to improve their network security. A business IT infrastructure includes networks, software, hardware, equipment, and other facilities that make up an IT network. These networks are applied to establish, monitor, test, manage, deliver, and support IT services. So, IT infrastructure security describes the process of safeguarding the core networking infrastructure, and it is typically applied to enterprise IT environments. You can improve IT infrastructure security by installing protective solutions to block unauthorized access, theft, deletion, and data modification.

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