7 reasons to attend the Internet of Things Conference

| January 31, 2019

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On March 27, Moscow will host the sixth international Internet of Things Conference – an event dedicated to the industry development and its application in business. There are at least seven reasons to attend the conference this year.



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The world is ready for 5G. Are you?

Article | June 3, 2021

At last, the wait for 5G is nearly over. As this map shows, coverage is widespread across much of the U.S., in 24 EU countries, and in pockets around the globe. The new wireless standard is worth the wait. Compared to 4G, the new wireless standard can move more data from the edge, with less latency. And connect many more users and devices—an important development given that the IDC estimates 152,000 new Internet of Things (IoT) devices per minute by 2025. Put it together, and 5G is a game-changing backhaul for public networks. (Wi-Fi 6, often mentioned in the same breath as 5G, is generally used for private WANs.

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How to build your IT infrastructure for 5G-enabled edge computing

Article | February 26, 2020

The global 5G-enabled edge computing market is growing rapidly, fueled by major technology changes that are disrupting the traditional networking industry. By 2025, this market is expected to exceed $50 billion. 5G has the potential to deliver a new generation of services, thanks to higher data rates and ultra-low latency. To take advantage of this potential, communications service providers are looking to move data processing and compute power closer to the end user — closer to the edge. While the digital boom provides many opportunities for IT leaders, it comes with challenges: a growing number of smart devices, the need for faster processing and increased pressure on enterprise networks. To harness all this potential power, organizations need to modernize their networks to effectively consume these new services at the edge. Some key trends are empowering this shift toward the 5G-enabled edge.

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Xi IoT’s continued journey to be a Multi-Cloud Platform

Article | March 21, 2020

We, the Team Sherlock @ Nutanix, wrapped up year 2019 with amazing line up of platform features for developers and infrastructure admnistrators. Read more about them in my last blog post, titled Xi IoT : Another year in retrospect. Since then we have added many more exciting features that I want to share with you in this new blog post. Xi IoT’s journey started at the Edge with a purpose built platform to manage Infrastructure and Apps at scale but soon this versatile Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Stack found its ways into private and public clouds. As we have been talking to our customers and partners, need for such platform to run generic applications in private or public clouds is even more evident.

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How to backup hyperconverged infrastructure

Article | May 4, 2020

Enterprises running hypervisors on hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) systems typically have backup options available to them that are not available to those running on generic hardware. Such customers may also have additional backup challenges depending on the HCI vendor and hypervisor they have chosen. Let’s take a look.

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