3 Tips to Kick-Off a Smooth SD-WAN Implementation

DAN TYNAN | December 20, 2018

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Software-defined wide area networks have several advantages for businesses, particularly those with several branch offices. At Brooks Brothers, for instance, customer demands drove the need for faster loading speeds on the website and in-store adoption of Software as a Service and web-based apps drove up data throughput requirements. SD-WAN turned out to be an answer. “We needed more bandwidth for these new business applications we’d developed, and to better manage the traffic leaving the stores for SaaS providers,” Phillip Miller, head of infrastructure and CISO for the New York–based chain, tells BizTech. “It wasn’t feasible to do it in an MPLS network.” But implementing SD-WAN can present technical challenges, and the truth is that many of the bigger hurdles revolve around practical, nuts-and-bolts issues. Here’s advice on how to forge ahead with a smooth implementation from those who know.


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