Seven dimensions of scale: how to plan for technology infrastructure growth


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  • The most common scalability challenges that businesses encounter as they grow
  • Seven specific dimensions of scale business leaders should consider when evaluating content platforms
  • What a platform needs to scale and how the right infrastructure can help businesses go big, fast

Scalability has become a catch-all term that covers many of the challenge’s organizations face as they grow. So why do so many companies run into technology scalability issues? It’s not that they failed to plan for scale; it’s because planning for scalability is more complex than just asking “will it scale?”

At its most basic, scale refers to administrative, functional and load scalability. But businesses that want to grow bigger, faster need more than the basics. They need platforms and systems that support increased complexity and sophistication, integration with new technology, greater security and legal requirements, globalization and accelerated speed to market.

This white paper unpacks the different dimensions of scale to ensure business leaders invest in technology infrastructure built to fit their needs — both for now and the future. Download the white paper to learn more.

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