Pall Corporation Unifies Remote Office Backup with Druva

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Port Washington, NY based Pall Corporation has business operations that span the globe. Pall provides a rich portfolio of advanced filtration, separation, and purification equipment and services, but with such widespread operations and services, they faced a daunting challenge to efficiently manage all of the data. Its siloed legacy systems were due for an upgrade with a staggering $1.2M pricetag, which still required IT managers to manually manage a collection of tape backups and disaster recovery systems.

A few key takeaways from the whitepaper:

  • Over 50 offices around the world are now covered by a single central solution for offsite data protection and recovery requiring only two remote admins
  • 78% overall budget savings
  • 95% reduction in labor related costs
  • Users can now restore data on their own in seconds which previously took an entire day

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