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Infrastructure Monitoring tools offer a range of solutions for handling both legacy (datacenters and virtual machines) and modern (public cloud, cloud native, and IoT) infrastructure. OpsRamp offers strong capabilities for hybrid infrastructure monitoring and management with: 

  • Policy-Based Management. OpsRamp combines dynamic and on-demand discovery of hybrid application and infrastructure resources with hands-free monitoring templates for the right levels of visibility and control.OpsRamp’s native instrumentation ensures that enterprises can track the uptime and health of business-critical IT services with powerful and customizable role-based dashboards.
  • Public Cloud Monitoring. DevOps and SRE teams can manage 100+ cloud services in OpsRamp from leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. OpsRamp also offers robust integrations with popular cloud monitoring services like CloudWatch, Operations Management Suite, and Stackdriver, so that enterprise IT teams can drive efficient and effective cloud operations.    
  • Cloud Native Monitoring. In the January 2019 release, OpsRamp introduced new capabilities for discovering and monitoring the health of container workloads that support agile microservices. OpsRamp also joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a silver member and announced support for Kubernetes monitoring across both on-prem and managed cloud deployments.

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